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Adobe Framemaker 9 Tutorial - MIF Reference


Adobe Framemaker 9 Tutorial - MIF Reference

Adobe Framemaker 9 Tutorial - MIF Reference FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
Tutorial in pdf format so you can save it to your PC, e-book reader or print.

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Index Adobe Framemaker 9 Tutorial - MIF Reference

Chapter 1: Introduction
Why use MIF?
Using this manual
Style conventions
Overview of MIF statements
MIF statement syntax
Chapter 2: Using MIF Statements
Working with MIF files
Creating a simple MIF file for FrameMaker
Creating and applying character formats
Creating and formatting tables
Specifying page layout
Creating markers
Creating cross-references
Creating variables
Creating conditional text
Creating filters
Including template files
Setting View Only document options
Applications of MIF
Debugging MIF files
Other application tools
Where to go from here
Chapter 3: MIF Document Statements
MIF file layout
MIFFile statement
Control statements
Macro statements
Track edited text
Conditional text
Boolean expressions
Filter By Attribute
Paragraph formats
Character formats
Global document properties
Graphic objects and graphic frames
Text flows
Text insets (text imported by reference)
Chapter 4: MIF Book File Statements
MIF book file overview
MIF book file identification line
Book statements
Chapter 5: MIF Statements for Structured Documents and Books
Structural element definitions
Attribute definitions
Format rules
Format change lists
Filter By Attribute
XML data for structured documents
Preference settings for structured documents
Text in structured documents
Structured book statements
MIF Messages
Chapter 6: MIF Equation Statements
Document statement
Math statement
MathFullForm statement
Chapter 7: MIF Asian Text Processing Statements
Asian Character Encoding
Combined Fonts
Kumihan Tables
Rubi text
Chapter 8: Examples
Text example
Bar chart example
Pie chart example
Custom dashed lines
Table examples
Database publishing
Chapter 9: MIF Messages
General form for MIF messages
List of MIF messages
Chapter 10: MIF Compatibility
MIF syntax changes in FrameMaker 8
Changes between version 6.0 and 7.0
Changes between version 5.5 and 6.0
Changes between version 5 and 5.5
Changes between versions 4 and 5
Changes between versions 3 and 4
Chapter 11: Facet Formats for Graphics
Facets for imported graphics
Basic facet format
Graphic insets (UNIX versions)
General rules for reading and writing facets
Chapter 12: EPSI Facet Format
Specification of an EPSI facet
Example of an EPSI facet
Chapter 13: FrameImage Facet Format
Specification of a FrameImage facet
Specification of FrameImage data
Differences between monochrome and color
Sample unencoded FrameImage facet
Sample encoded FrameImage facet
Chapter 14: FrameVector Facet Format
Specification of a FrameVector facet
Specification of FrameVector data
Sample FrameVector facet

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