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Rhinoceros Tutorial - Advanced


Rhinoceros Tutorial - Advanced

Rhinoceros Tutorial - Advanced FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL
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Index Rhinoceros Tutorial - Advanced

Rhinoceros NURBS modeling for Windows
Training Manual Level 2
Table of Contents
Part One: Introduction
Course Objectives
Part Two: Advanced Modeling Techniques
Customizing Rhino
The toolbar layout
Command aliases
Shortcut keys
Template files
NURBS Topology
Curve Creation
Curve degree
Curve and surface continuity
Surface Continuity
Analyze surface continuity
Commands that use continuity
Additional surfacing techniques
Advanced Surfacing Techniques
Dome-shaped buttons
Creased surfaces
Curve fairing to control surface shapes
Use Background Bitmaps
An Approach to Modeling
Use 2-D Drawings
Use 2-D drawings as part of a model
Make a model from a 2-D drawing
General strategy
Polygon Meshes from NURBS Objects
Part Three: Rendering
Rendering with Rhino
Rendering with Flamingo
Add lights
Image and bump maps
List of Exercises
Trackball Mouse (Warm-up)
Customizing Rhino’s interface
Trimmed NURBS
Curve Degree
Geometric Continuity
Tangent Continuity
Curvature Continuity
Surface Continuity
Continuity Commands
Fillets and Blends
Soft Domed Buttons
Surfaces with a crease
Surfaces with a crease (Part 2)
Importing an Adobe Illustrator file
Making a detergent bottle
Rhino Rendering

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